DevOps Engineer Interview Questions

Learn what skills and qualities interviewers are looking for from a junior DevOps engineer, what questions you can expect, and how you should go about answering them. During my interview, I was asked some architecture questions. Make sure you are well-informed about data structures and algorithms. Part of the DevOps job description is development, so you must know how to code. Practice your coding skills in preparation for the interview. By automating processes like software installation, and establishing and defining roles, users, and groups, the goal was to create a replicable environment. The IaC paradigm controls and monitors infrastructure settings in files rather than doing so manually or through graphical user interfaces.

Here –no-commit-id will suppress the commit hashes from appearing in the output, and –name-only will only print the file names, instead of their paths. You can also include the below mention point although it is totally optional but will help in impressing the interviewer. how to become a devops engineer I will suggest you to first give a small introduction to sanity checking, A sanity or smoke test determines whether it is possible and reasonable to continue testing. It can track changes to a file and allows you to revert back to any particular change.

6. What do you think will be some of your most significant challenges in this role?

It also enables access to the virtual form of the required testing stages. It is useful for cutting waste time testing environment setup and availability. Some of the most important elements of continuous testing are risk assessment, policy analysis, requirements traceability, advanced analysis, test optimization, and service visualization. If you ask me, the most important thing that DevOps helps achieve is that it allows us to get changes into production as quickly as possible. It minimizes risks in software quality assurance and compliance.

SSH Control Master won’t help you, because you run Ansible on occasion. And, since the code is decentralized, you’ll need to pull your repository from thousand nodes, which is not possible.

15. How do you handle conflict within your team?

On my Gitlab I can make around 50 parallel pulls before the performance starts degrading. For instance, by copying the Jenkins jobs directory can be moved from the older server to the new server. This results in increased deployment frequency and decreased number of failed deployments.

How is life at JPMC?

Good for career.

JPMC is one of the largest MNC bank and one of the most high paying in the industry. Work would be challenging at times but one will get all assistance needed. Management and internal policies are very strict. Very formal and professional work environment.

A sample main configuration file is created in the base directory of the Nagios distribution when you run the configure script. The default name of the main configuration file is nagios.cfg. It is usually placed in the etc/ subdirectory of you Nagios installation (i.e. /usr/local/nagios/etc/). For this answer, first point out the basic difference Active and Passive checks.

Top tips to prepare for your devops interview

The roles can be reversed at any point of time without any prior intimation. A Vagrant is a tool of DevOps that can create and manage virtualized environments for testing and developing software. One programmer act as a “driver.” Other acts as an “observer” who continuously monitor the progress of a project to identify problems. DevOps are used for Production, IT operations, production feedback, and its software development. When the team prepares the next release of their software, they conduct their final stage of testing in an environment which is known as Green environment. Once verified, the traffic is routed to the Green environment.

  • This commit does not belong to any branch on this repository, and may belong to a fork outside of the repository.
  • Some of the most important elements of continuous testing are risk assessment, policy analysis, requirements traceability, advanced analysis, test optimization, and service visualization.
  • Because of that demand of DevOps Engineers and SRE are increasing and more and more experienced developers are moving towards DevOps for Career growth.

Docker is not a full-fledged Virtual Machine, but rather a container. Docker enables you to run instances of services/servers in a specific virtual environment.

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